Learning Local Plants

Beth: Cordyline Australis, Shasta Daisies, Rosemary, Aeonium Arboreum, Peppermint, Rose Campion

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I'd love to learn the names and watering needs of plants I encounter on the Monterey Peninsula, Pebble Beach and Carmel... I appreciate your email or comments on the online photo album.

This website here is a work in progress... an experiment in sharing and enjoying.

Holger @ AwareOfThis.com

Ellen: I believe this is also Coreopsis.

Beth: Bearded Iris

Ellen: Beautiful Not as common here as some of the other iris.

Ellen: Looks more like a Boston Fern than a Lady Fern (Athyruim).

Beth: Mirror Plant?

Ellen: Common locally, not sure the name.

Beth: Artichoke.

Ellen: Love its purple flower.

Beth: Cosmos.

Ellen: Such a humble, lovely flower.

Beth: Spearmint.

Ellen: Does look more like spearmint than peppermint. In nature we could smell them and easier solve.

Julie: I saw something like this in my yard before and wondered what it was but it didn’t have any scent to help identify. Not 100% sure if this is the same thing though.

Beth: Rose Campion! :)

Beth: Cotyledon - undulata or oblongata?

Beth: Agapanthus.

Ellen: A favorite also comes in white blossoms.

Beth: Poison Oak - but you knew that already. :/

Ellen: Yes I know. It's easier to spot when leaves have some red on them.

Beth: Not sure but maybe a type of Coreopsis?

Beth: Salvia leucantha/Mexican bush sage?

Ellen: Fragrant and ornamental but not the edible herb.