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"In Thanksgiving"

The last few days I helped Robin (the director) to prepare their upcoming Virtual Concert for 11/29 @ 3:00 PM.

We spent some hours on Zoom, and dealt with many details.

It is beautiful to work with someone who pours love and care into what s/he is doing!

Many Details

Program Notes:

The Youtube Premiere on Sunday 3:00 PM PST:

The Zoom Gala, afterwards:

Donations to the Veterans:

Donations to the Choir:

The Youtube Channel:

And for sure their website:

Structure supports spontaneity

Isn't this amazingly confusing (-; ...and every component has lots of details attached to it.

And even if you can juggle all of these things on the backend -- all the passwords, urls, materials and changes coming in -- after maybe a month or even some days forgetfulness creeps in... and the next time you seem to start again from scratch.

With love from Pacific Grove,
a click away,