"Imagine how we would be if we were less afraid."

Corona Virus... Sustainable Changes

WHO is changing the phrase 'social distancing' to recommend 'physical distancing,' encouraging people to stay connected via social media.

— Reuters (@Reuters) March 20, 2020

On this page I am sharing some resources I find helpful...

This link skips the first 13 minutes of Sadhguru's presentation, for people who might get confused or irritated by his culture.


We tend to get easily intimidated, even by our own thoughts and feelings.

If we don't know the nature of our mind then we stay most likely trapped in our self-entertained suffering.

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  1. Know that panic is never helpful. When you panic you can't think.
  2. When you panic you are the perfect viral vector for spreading more panic and causing others to panic.
  3. If someone is panicking don't try to talk them down rationally right in that moment. They can't take in rational information. Meet them on an emotional level: take some deep breaths...

#414: Jack Kornfield

How to Find Peace Amidst COVID-19, How to Cultivate Calm in Chaos

“We have the opportunity, even in difficult times, to let our spirit shine.”